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So, you've purchased a product by clicking on the "Buy Gift"  button, on and you're ready to receive that cash back bonus.  In order to receive your rebate, just follow the following steps:

  1. Find the gift list where you clicked "View / Buy"  and mark the item as "Purchased".  If you didn't find the item on a friend's list, simply copy the product link from where you found it.
  2. Using the email you've registered your account with, forward your digital receipt to "", with subject line "Rebate Request"
  3. If you didn't have a list in step 1, to mark completed, paste the product link at the top of the email.

Once submitted, a member of our rebates team will review your order and verify the referral with our vendor (Amazon, Target, eBay, etc).  A valid purchase requires that the user clicked on the product's link, from the DadsTie "Buy Gift" button and upon being directed to the corresponding link, completed the sale in the same session.  If your rebate is confirmed, you will receive a check in the mail, sent to the address you've stored in your profile.  In the event no address is present, we will request it from you, by email.

Here are some ways for you to add eligible gifts:

Create lists and add giftsSecret Santa and Gift Scraping Tools

Users who request more than 3 invalid rebate requests will have their accounts disabled.  By registering with, you've acknowledged that you've read and agreed to terms regarding our rebates program.  Employees and family of employees of are not eligible to receive rebates.  DadsTie is a subsidiary of Arcane Strategies (